How To Get In The Swing of Things For University Students?

To conclude this mini-series looking at the university Christmas break, we need to look at returning to university. Since the Christmas break is basically four weeks off for us and we get to do what we want, when we want without having to do any reading, assignments or lectures. But four weeks is a long time so when it comes to returning to university it can take some people a while to get back in the swing of things. Therefore, this blog post is designed to help you speed up the process a bit.

Plan Effectively and Active-Class

The major tip I have for you is to plan your time effective like you normally (should) do, because planning will allow you to see what you have to do, when you’re going to do so it doesn’t stress you out.

No one wants this on the first week back at university, so check your timetable and module pages to see what you need to do and plan your time effectively.

In addition, it’s worth noting that the first week back everyone is getting back into the swing of things so the first week can be rather easy. Especially as new modules tend to have the introduction that first week, so that’s one less thing to be stressed out about.

In my experience, I can’t remember a busy first week back in my other university years, as both years I always had new modules with the introductions.

Moreover, you can always plan effectively by yourself but if you struggle with planning or just want your schedule and everything in one place, then definitely check out Active-Class.

Just Relax

As I wrote the last section I was reminded of this pathological fear or hurry that every student seems to be in when they return to university after any break. Lots of students fear they’ll need to hit the ground running, they have tons to do and they won’t have any adjustment time.

I’m sure that is true for some students, but the vast majority?


As a result of the way how the vast majority of modules work is they introduce you to the topic in the first week, then they progress through the topics. Then if there’s an essay, assignment or any coursework for the module that tends to be given out in the middle of the term so it can be handed in towards the end.

What I’m trying to say is, there is no reason for modules to get busy in the first few weeks of term, so you shouldn’t have to hit the ground running when you return.

All in all, my unofficial advice would be to just relax, all the concerns, anxiety and even fears you have about returning to university are just in your head. If you relax, look forward to going back and realise you shouldn’t have tons of work to do the second you go back. You should be able to get back in the swing of things easily.

Don’t Hang Onto Your Christmas Break Routine:

The later wake-up times, the lack of readings and everything else can seen amazing to lots of students so they can want to hang onto those blissful moments from their Christmas break.

Whilst I can’t relate to blissful unproductive moments or late sleeping ins, I do understand people wanting to hang onto some of those habits from their break. Most people love sleeping in, not having to worry about doing x, y and z, but if the hanging on to these habits is preventing you from getting back into the swing of university, don’t you think they need to go?

Instead of longing for a later wake-up time and not doing readings, lectures and more, maybe trying to throw yourself back into university life might help you. I’m not just talking about the reading and other learning aspects of university, I’m talking about the social side too.

Throwing yourself into socials, catching up with friends and going to Societies you’re a part of might be what you need to get back into the swing of things.

Once you remember how great your university social (and learning, perhaps?) life was, you should see that getting back into university life is the best thing for you.


To wrap up this blog then the series, I know that returning to university can seem hard at times. Especially when you’ve come back from a brilliant 4 weeks off without any of the pressure or things to do from university. Therefore, it can make getting back into the swing of things hard for all of us, but I now hope that this blog post has helped you realise why you need to get back into the swing of things and how to do it.

In terms of the series, I love Christmas, the break it provides and what that break allows me to do as a person. It’s a great time for students and I hope after reading this series you now know how to prepare yourself for the last week, the break itself, returning in the new year and how to get back into the swing of university life.

As I always say nothing about university is meant to be hard, difficult or boring, both in terms of the learning, assignments and more. It’s all about mindset which is was a lot of this series was about.

So I hope you enjoyed your break, return to university and I wish you the best for the new year.

Connor Whiteley
Connor Whiteley

Psychology student and Podcaster