How To Face The New Year For University Students?

Continuing on with our look at the Christmas Break at university, we need to start looking at this new year we all find ourselves in because it can both positively and negatively affect university. As sometimes after the long, wonderful Christmas Break, we struggle to get back into the university swing of things.

Therefore, whilst we’ll look at the getting back into the swing of things in the next blog post, we need to take a step back and think about the new year from a mindset perspective.

Why Do We Need To Face The New Year?

For lots of people the new year is an amazing time, it’s a time of new beginning, new years resolutions and starting new hobbies or interests that we want to explore.

Personally, I love the New Year because it means I can start new creative projects, new amazing new modules at university and explore new areas. For example, in 2022 on my podcast I’ll be exploring the topics of Dementia and Male Suicide more depth.

However, when it comes to university, the new year can be a dreaded reminder that we need to go back there, away from our family and friends and back into the so-called grind of everyday university life. Including the typical cycle of lectures, reading, assignments, repeat.

In case you’re one of these students who isn’t looking forward to the New Year of university, this post is designed to help you.

Even if you are looking forward to the new year, this should still be useful.

New Modules

Something I always love about the start of any new term is the starting of new modules because some of them are amazing. For example, in my second year of university, I had my personality psychology and social psychology of the individual modules starting in the new year. Both of these modules were brilliant and I loved them because they were great fun and extremely interesting.

Therefore, if you find yourself not able to face the new year at university, look at your timetable (Active Class can help with this) and think about what modules you have coming up. That alone will probably give you something to look forward to and perhaps get excited about.

In addition, I should note that even if you have a module that you are not looking forward to, still look forward to it because you might love it.

This happened to be in my second year because I was not looking forward to personality psychology in the slightest. But as I mentioned earlier, it turned out to be one of my favourite modules and something I will continue to learn about independently in the coming years.

All in all, look at what modules you have in the new year and focus on them. Some of them will be exciting and focus on them. This is especially true if you’ve picked a degree topic you love.

Returning To University Friends and Activities

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to get excited and face the new year is that you’ll be returning to university so you can see friends and do your university activities again. I’m sure this means clubbing and partying for some people and that’s fine.

Yet for others this can be catching up, going out with friends and attending the university socials again. All three of them is definitely why I’m looking forward to the new year.

Additionally, I know other countries don’t have Societies (social clubs for adults basically) like we do in the UK, but this is another reason to face the new year. You can return to university and see everyone in the society again.

For me it was great to see all the different people from baking society again after the Christmas Break in my first year.

Overall, if you can’t face the new year, don’t focus on the learning part of university. Focus on the opportunity to see friends again, catch up and do activities.

Short and Long Term

If any of the above hasn’t helped you face the new year then maybe a completely different way of looking at the new year will help you. Try to look at the new year in terms of your short term and long term gains.

For instance, in the short term, the amazing new year at university will give you opportunities to learn, grow as a person and meet new wonderful people. Then in the long term will could help you to get higher grades, help you with postgraduate applications and get a better job.

Or most importantly facing the new year at university will help you have fun at university. Since many students love university because it provides a great environment to explore topics, make friends and do things you wouldn’t normally do that the “real world” doesn’t allow you to do.


The message we want to stress, here at Active-Class , is that the new year is NOT a time to dread because you need to go back to university and re-enter the so-called grind of lectures, reading, assignments, repeat.

Instead I really want you to see the new year as just that. A new beginning, a beginning to a time filled with new learning opportunities, chances to catch up with friends, do social activities with them again and a beginning that will help you in the long term.

I love the new year and I hope that you’re looking forward to the new year too.

Go and make the most of it!