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The Importance of Assessment (1)

In a previous blog post, we considered the difficulties of online examinations. In this, we considered how translating the assessment format to the online world can be difficult. Given this difficulty, the question has been raised: “should we keep assessments the same?”. Well, as the educational landscape currently stands, assessments are incredibly important for our understanding of how well students have learnt.

In all levels of education, assessments play an integral role in pushing students to apply what they’ve learned to simulated situations replicating real life. It trains people to use knowledge to actively seek solutions and bring meaningful change, regardless of the subject they study. Moreover, it acts as a means for measuring a student’s understanding of certain subject matter. The purpose of assessments, therefore, goes beyond testing and reshapes students’ minds for the better. Thus, this article explores the importance of assessment in learning and different ways to evaluate students.

What Is an Assessment?

An assessment is a systematic method that is used to evaluate, measure, and record a student’s level of understanding of specific educational material, their academic readiness, and their learning process. Assessments can exist in various ways. Some of these include:

  • Common assessments – consistent assessments for performance in school, college, etc.
  • Standardized tests – these tests are designed, administered, and scored in a specific, standard way across the board, such as the SAT
  • Performance assessments – these assessments make students perform complex tasks, such as an experiment, writing an essay, etc.
  • Portfolio-based assessments – students must compile a collection of material for these evaluations

Importance of Assessment in Learning

Here’s a quick overview of the importance of assessment in learning, especially in higher education levels, such as during college education.

Evaluates Students Progress 

If you’re a student, assessments help you evaluate and measure your learning progress. You can ascertain a score based on your knowledge and your performance. Also, taking assessments more than once help provide a more accurate measurement. You can use your score to determine which educational approaches work for you, which material presents more of a challenge, and what you can do to bring improvement in your rate of learning.

The current state of examinations

Assessments are an integral part of modern day education. However, due to a shift towards online learning, it is important for all to consider how this may change and influence assessments. Active-Class is a platform which will help institutes to navigate and compensate for these changes by providing an exam monitoring system to help provide credible assessments even when administered online.

Amir-Homayoun Javadi
Amir-Homayoun Javadi

Senior Lecturer at University of Kent